Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ATLX6 Dance Nerdy with Me!

(gleaned from my email, thanks Bela!)

ATLX "Early Nerd" Registration is now OPEN! For one month, you have the chance to register at the low price of $60 for the whole weekend! Registration includes all weekend of dancing as well as a Southern Barbecue dinner for all attendees! First 50 registrants get a free pair of Nerd glasses!

Top Ten Reasons to attend ATLX 6:
  1. In your host's crowded apartment, the initials your mother sewed on to your underwear will finally serve a useful purpose.

  2. Southern hospitality is such that people don't mind if you take a hit off your friend's inhaler.
    It's the most fun and least shameful of your hobbies.

  3. You can touch members of the opposite sex, generally with their tacit or even explicit permission, and generally without involving the authorities.

  4. You'll be able to talk intelligently with other people who share strong feelings about the different incarnations of the Buffy, Star Trek, and Dragon Ball series.

  5. After a three-day break, the World of Warcraft seems so fresh and new.

  6. Your fellow IT employees will be so jealous.

  7. Blog fodder.

  8. Facebook trolls will see you time and again in their minifeed and your social capital will increase enormously.

  9. Great dances, great bands, great friends!

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